Monday, August 7, 2017

Day Four

Time to wrap up the deck! July 4th was the last day of my work break. We had plans to head to the country club with Kelley's dad for the holiday celebration around 5 pm, so Day Four came with a deadline. Finish the deck or show up to dinner covered in sawdust!

We finished Day Three with a flurry of prep work. Getting all of the handrail parts cut should mean we can make a lot of progress quickly today!

Level 3 flooring is down! And I got the first side of that handrail put up.

Morning shot

End of the day - all of the handrail is up

mmmmm that's good handrail

I even got the first wall of the screened in porch done!

Also got the stairs built from Level 2 down to Level 3

Completed view of Level Two with handrail

Happy Deck Builders
There's still a long way to go. But to get it this far in only 4 days we were thrilled. Four days ago there was just a door to nowhere with a ledger board. Getting all three levels built, plus handrails all around, and some stairs (but I still need stairs on both sides of level 3). Next up, as the weekends allow, will come the screened in porch and the rest of the finishing touches.

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