Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Flip

Well now on the Piragua we've got the bottom finished with a few layers of epoxy and fiberglass. So it's time to flip the boat right side up and work on the inside a bit. I needed to thicken the epoxy with sawdust and attack the inside of the bottom joints & seams. Then finish off the woodworking for the top and get it ready to paint.

The top front and back, with hatch holes and covers cut out

Tops cut out with a glued up bottom

The lovely wife admiring my handywork

The garden with the boat/strongback on the left

Right side up, notice the gunwale on the right separated from the top side

Happy boatbuilder
After I got a few coats of thickened epoxy on the inside I flipped it back over to start painting. Finishing was going to be an interesting part of the process.

I'm also painting the strongback

2 coats of white all around

it looks good painted!
Then after the bottom and sides got initially painted (2 coats), I flipped it right side up again to finish off the top & inside.

Attached the tops & hatch covers

Looks like the woodworking is done

Closeup of the front

Closeup of the back

Got a coat of white

Finished painting the strongback too

looking sharp!
It took almost an entire gallon of white paint to get it this far. I wanted to paint the strongback too so I can store it outside. Just using a regular white exterior housepaint here.

Really ready to see this guy wrap up and get in the water. Think it will float?

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