Monday, January 24, 2022

Queen Hanging Bed

 I was contacted by a customer about building a hanging daybed, and they had some ideas for the design. After some discussion, they are building a new porch so I went out and measured. They wanted the biggest bed they could fit between the back wall and a fireplace that was going in. This is a seriously cool porch! Turns out a Queen was the right fit, so we got a design together and I got to work.

It all starts with a frame

Built up the sides and back, cut in the drink holder and wine slot before building out the rest

They wanted an X design

It's big!

Used Old Masters Espresso wipe-on stain

Installed! They absolutely loved it

This turned out beautiful! The X design was a really nice touch, the cupholders were nice, everything came out prime time.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Some Tables

 I made some tables for the mountain house, in addition to all of the shelves and other stuff for that place. These turned out pretty great, a cherry coffee table (we needed a specific size), plus maple and oak floating top side tables for the couch. I already had the oak table top leftover from another project, and found some cool maple for a table top from another project too.

Coffee table base and some walnut shelf on the left

Cherry table top glued up

The brand in the oak table!

before assembly

After assembly - maple table base

Oak table

I absolutely love the discoloration on this top. Such an interesting piece

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Cool Maple Charcuterie Board

 I picked up some maple for shelves, and part of the leftover board had some really cool disfiguring and burl work going on, so I decided to make a serving board out of it. I think the shape is roughly like a tomahawk steak, and it's huge (around 28" x 14" wide) so this would be a great way to serve up some cool food. 

I've got a craigslist ad and facebook marketplace out right now, it's for sale for $100. Contact me (comment on the blog) if you want it.

Cool live edge detail